Your CV Or Resume

Everyone is looking for a way to stand out, it’s hard for an employer to look at anyone’s CV and see something that pops out and sets someone apart. Make sure that you cut through the smoke and show what you can offer.

Adding your CV to your Cosocial opens up a whole new way to put your CV and who you are in the face of any employer, never follow the crowd and email in or hand a paper copy, make sure what you do is different, because that speaks for itself.

Job opportunities can come up in a any scenario in any place, a conversation with a friend’s friend who has an opening can appear out of nowhere. Make sure that you are the only person who has your CV at the tap of a card, the organisation and confidence to show who you are will do half the job in getting you that job.

CV’s today try very hard to sum up who you are on a single piece of paper, but who really thinks that one piece of paper can sum you up. Having your CV attached to your Cosocial Deck allows you to combine it with the content of your profile. Including your social media, your favourite music or even your professional relationships can Greta a broader CV and a better look at who your are as a person as well as what you can offer the job in question. 

Don’t let yourself be defined by a single piece of paper! Attach it to your Cosocial Deck today and open up a greater view into your life. 

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