Update Anytime

Update Anytime

The Cosocial Deck is built to hold all the online information that your desire to share. We know that this is an ever changing world, from new emails, to new numbers, to new social media links. Its a world where everything about you changes quickly and needs to be associated with you.

Maybe your business starts and instagram feed, or there’s a new petition that needs to be talked about, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Your Cosocial Deck can be updated anytime, anywhere.

When logged into the Cosocial website you can edit your Deck however you please with whatever contact information you wish to share. This means there are no issues if you change number, email or company information. We believe that your Cosocial Deck is the best representation of you online and therefore needs to be up to date.

While your up to date Deck will always be the current landing page whenever anyone accesses it, you can tailor your Deck to suit intended targets, maybe while you’re meeting a potential employer you can hide your Instagram Feed, or when your meeting a potential client you can add links or videos that relate to their cause or mission.

The Cosocial Deck has the ability to show who you are at all times and gives the best representation of who you are, combining the crucial pieces of all your online personas.

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