Micro Sites

Having your own websites can be extremely expensive today, there are a number of different costs that show up unexpectedly and need constant maintaining to keep on the internet. From the initial build of the site, to hosting, or even hiring a web developer to fix any issues that come up can become costly and can even far outweigh the benefits of even having a simple website, this creates issues for small business’ and sole traders who need a website to stay current, but aren’t seeing the benefits.

Your Cosocial Deck can be used as a Micro site to host all the relevant information that someone would need about you. Using your Deck is the best way to avoid hosting costs, development costs and you can still use it for advertising and SEO. 

The Cosocial Deck can be used as you own micro site so that you can keep costs low, while still having a presence online that allows potential customers to find moire information about you and your business. With links to websites such as Trust Pilot or Facebook, customers can see your reviews and positive feedback, and with the ability to imbed videos and and Instagram feed, they can see the work that your do for themselves.

Using your Deck as a Micro site is the most efficient way to keep costs down, while still having the crucial presence online to stay relevant, and gain as much new business as possible. This gives new customers a direct line to you and your business online, and with the Cosocial Card, in person too.

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