Landing Pages

Landing Pages are small segment of a website that live outside of the original website in a new location. Adding them to you Cosocial Deck offers a great new way to have people interact with your website, through your Cosocial Deck without any further costs.

An interactive landing page will allow you to attract more attention to you website and advertise its use with more efficiency. You will be able highlight specific parts of your or other websites allowing potential customers or viewers to get a small look at one specific part of the website, this can be the main feature or a targeted section.

If you have a specific product or service, or a current offer, you can use the landing page feature to separate it from all the other features on your website. This can be changed to a potential client that you know you are going to meet or used to highlight a current offer for a time period. 

The ability to add landing pages to your Cosocial Deck allows you the ability to simplify your website and decide that one section needs to be advertised more than others. This becomes an extremely efficient way to advertise straight to individuals that you use your Cosocial card around. They will be able to see who you are, add you as a contact, and then see a specific part of your website that is targeted to them or their potential needs.

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