Slide Your hub for sharing and a new way to connect A custom printed metal NFC card. A unique URL chosen by you. And a completely controllable, feature rich online profile (that we call a Deck).

These are what make up Cosocial. How you use them to share, grow your network and engage with your audience is 100% up to you.
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Grow Your Audience A New Way To Connect Share Your Work NFC Metal Card

What is Cosocial?

Your metal NFC Cosocial Card will bring people to your Cosocial Deck, when tapped on their device.

Your Cosocial Deck is an online profile where you decide what you want to share.

Edit what you share on your Cosocial Deck in real-time. From your contact information to links to everything that you do online. All this located on a custom URL chosen by you.




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Always Up-To-Date

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Cosocial Card, Deck & URL

📲 No App Required

Share to any NFC enabled devices (most smartphones). A tap of your Cosocial card will open a tab in their device’s browser. From their they can access your Deck and save your information to their device’s Contacts.

🔒 Safe & Secure

We never sell or share your information. And we never track you online. All accounts are password protected and sit behind always up-to-date security.

♻️ Environmental

Stop the environmental impact and financial cost of printing hundreds of business cards at a time, every time a piece your information changes. The Cosocial card links to your Deck where you can update what you share instantly and in real-time.

The Power of Your Cosocial Deck

Add, remove and update the information that you share in real time. Simply done by logging in to your Deck from any device, making changes and hitting save.

Link to all of your social networks, online content and anything else you do that you want people to know about – all in one place.

“Add to Contacts” button. When you share you profile, people can save you to their contacts in a single click. No more business cards!

Embed your Instagram feed and YouTube videos. So when you share your Deck with people, they can get a taste of your content all in one place.

Add your profile picture and a banner – so if you’ve shared your information with someone on a day where they’ve met lots of people, your details won’t get lost or confused with someone else’s.

See in-depth Google Analytics to see what on your profile is being interacted with the best. And use the full power of Google’s SEO tools.

View John Doe’s demo Deck here.

How Cosocial Works

  • Pick your URL (eg. and tell us your name
  • Create your Deck using our simple Editor that works on any device (no app required)
  • Share your URL online to link to your Deck and share your info, links and more
  • After a few days, your Cosocial card will arrive. Recycle all your old business cards
  • Update your page in realtime, anytime

Find the right account for you

From an innovative contactless business card that is always up-to-date, to an industry focused solution for client development. Choose below from three flexible options to suit what you’re looking for from Cosocial.

Your contactless and always up-to-date business card
Full list of features here.
Metal NFC & Custom Printed Card
Add Unlimited Information
Social Media Links
Instagram Feed
Embed Youtube Videos
Add a Contact Form
Bio Section
Mailchimp Integration
SEO & Google Analytics
Bespoke packages built for organisations of any size
Full list of features here.
For business with 5+ Employees
Company Logo on Metal NFC Card
Companywide Controls
Individual Employee Logins
Social Media Links & Instagram Feed
Embed Youtube Videos
Add a Contact & Mailchimp Forms
Company Bio Section with Logo

All prices shown include full access to the package detailed and 1x custom metal Cosocial card. Minimum terms is 3 months. After which point and account can be cancelled with 30 days notice.  You can view the full Terms here.

What can Cosocial be used for?

The Cosocial card and profile are infinitely flexible to yours or your business’ needs, but here are a few ideas…

🔒 Safe. Secure. Private.

You only share what you put on your Deck. We will never allow people to see more than you decide!

We will never sell or share any of your information to third party companies.

We don’t use any trackers. So you, and your visitors, can browse the net knowing we’re not stalking you!