Much more than a business card

Replace traditional business cards with a cost effective contactless solution that sends customers and connections to brand focused targeted content.

Flexible & Forward Thinking

cosocial demo enterprise card

Centralised Content Control

Every employee in an organisation is controlled from a single account. That account dictates much of the information that is displayed on all employees’ Decks. Meaning whenever employees connect with people; they’re sharing consistent branding and the most up-to-date message & content.

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Custom Contactless Cards

Every employee is equipped with a metal NFC card, printed with your organisations logo, some of the employee’s details and it is programmed to link to each employees Deck an unlimited number of times with just a tap on any mobile device.

Flexible & Cost Effective

For a low monthly cost per employee, in many industries, the average cost over 12 months per employee is lower that purchasing traditional business cards. Additionally, adding and removing employees is incredibly simple and has no effect on your organisations contract length with Cosocial.

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Company-wide continuity

Every employee’s Deck will share information that is controlled by a single Manager’s account. Meaning that everyone stays on brand, inline with your corporate identity and up-to-date with the latest content.

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Complete the form below and a member of the Cosocial Enterprise will be in touch within 1-working day to help you get started.


Premium materials that use NFC to contactlessly share your Deck to mobile devices.

Quick Turnaround

Cards are produced and shipped within one working day. And every Deck is immediately functional the moment it is set up.

No software required

Create Decks, manage teams and share content with no additional software required. All Cosocial functionality works in the browser of any device.