Cosocial Enterprise

Much more than just a contactless business card


Company Logo On Card

Each stainless steel NFC Cosocial card is printed with the employees name on it. Their name sits alongside your organisation’s logo, instead of the Cosocial logo. Maintaining your corporate identity and branding.


Control Over Content. Company-wide.

Assign a designated Cosocial manager at your organisation. This individual will have permissions to add and remove members of staff from their  “My Account” section. As well as deciding what content appears on team members’ Decks, company-wide.


Employee Level Controls

Key elements of every Deck for all employees within a company are controlled by your organisation’s Cosocial Manager. Employees can only update their own name, email, bio, phone number(s) and profile picture.


Improve Professional Interactions

Making connections using a Cosocial card or URL linking to a Deck enables employees to build better professional relationships. This is done by ensuring their Deck is always up-to-date, on brand and contains information that is relevant to their interactions.

Cosocial Enterprise is designed with businesses of 10 or more employees. Built to create brand consistency and control of your brand.

The Future of Business Cards

Paperless ♻️ Contactless

Cosocial is a contactless business card that shares your staff & your business’ information. The card links to an online profile (that we call a Deck) where visitors can save contact information with a single tap and browse a wide array of information about your organisation.

One card. One link. 100% control.

From 10 – any number of employees – Cosocial can help you to set up a contactless business card solution. This will enable your team can start sharing up-to-date information and generating business through a media-rich Deck. Share in person via an NFC custom printed card or online through URLs related to your organisation. All controlled by a central “Manager” account.

The Cosocial Enterprise Deck

The Cosocial Deck is a platform that represents the most up-to-date information about your organisation – alongside each Deck’s owners contact information. Every Deck works as a tool that can turn connections that your team members make in to marketing opportunities.

Profile Image

Add an image of yourself so when people save you to contacts or return to your Deck – they can remember exactly who you are.

Name, Email & Phone

Employees can adding their own information – making sure that the most important contact information is always front and centre when people see their Deck. The employee’s name is also printed on their NFC Cosocial card.


Employees can use this space of the to add something personal about themselves. We’ve found that sharing something personal helps recipients to remember  whom they’ve met with and the persona behind the contact.

‘Add to Contacts’ Button

Send people to your Deck with a tap of your Cosocial card. Have people save your contact info to their device’s contacts with a single tap on screen. Saving information this way saves time, effort and avoids possible mistakes.

Banner Images

Chosen and updated by your organisation’s Enterprise Manager – make sure that everyone your staff connect with see whatever imagery that your organisation sees as important, first.

Social Media Links

Predominantly placed social icons are for Enterprise Managers to control. Enabling them means that every connection your employees make can help increase social media interactions for your organisation.

Company Info

Managers can make sure that every Deck includes your organisation’s information. From general contact details to a list of locations. All editable by one person, to show on Decks, company wide.

Media Rich

Use every employees deck to showcase what your organisation does. Embed videos, an instagram feed, links to anywhere online and much much more. Make sure that every connection that your employees create is likely to engage with your brand.

Plus Much, Much More

The Cosocial features extend far beyond this list. To see a completed profile that we created for demonstration purposes, go to We’re working daily to bring more functionality that will help your employees connections organically grow your organisation.

The Downsides of Traditional Business Cards

Contact details and work information changes regularly, rendering them out of date

Running out of cards is never a professional start to a relationship

Carrying around a lump of cards in your pocket at events

Cards, after all, are made from paper. Meaning that they can look beaten and battered very quickly

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