What is a Cosocial Deck?

A Cosocial Deck is the name we give to our users’ profiles. A Deck is the publicly visible space where you decide what you want to share with visitors. To reach your Deck, people can either be sent there from a tap of your Cosocial card or by visiting your custom URL.

Your Cosocial URL

When signing up, you’ll be promoted to create a Cosocial URL. This is where your Deck is located online. Your URL is completely bespoke to you. Choose it wisely, because once you’ve picked – it cannot be changed.

Profile & Banner Images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Let people know it’s you, at a glance.


Add anything that you, your brand or online presence are best known by here

Phone & Email

Share or don’t share these. It’s up to you. Every number and email you share is actionable on compatible devices


Link to anything on the internet. From your latest blog post to your Amazon affiliate products

Company Profile

Want to share something about what your company does and it’s branding. Here is where you can do that

Instagram Feed

Showcase your latest posts and have people like your profile, right there on your Deck


This is where you can say something, brief or long, about yourself or your Deck

Social Icons

Link to all of your social media to help grow your audiences

Company Info

Like a traditional business card, let people know the headlines about your work situation

Add to Contacts

Show or hide this option. This allows people to add you to their devices contacts in a single tap

Embed Videos

Share what you’ve made or what you’re in to by embedding Youtube videos on your Deck

Contact Form

Want people to be able to get in touch but don’t want to share your email? No problem, just add a contact form and decide where submissions are emailed to

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