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Should you need any help of have any questions during the process, hit the help button at the top of your Edit Deck menu or you’ll find it in the footer of every page.

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Useful Info


This is the name for your online profile.


This is the web address where your Deck can be viewed by other people. So it’s the place that your Card will link to. It’s also the link you can send to people to show them what’s on your Deck.

eg. cosocial.io/yourname

My Account

The My Account section is where you can access items such as your billing info, payment info and more. It’s also where you can access your Deck to edit it. Just look for the “Edit Deck” button.

Your Username

This is the last part of your URL. If your URL is cosocial.io/yourname – your username is “yourname”


Anytime you need any help or have any questions, head over to the help page, here. The help page can be found through the footer on every page.


If you’re stuck for ideas on how to best use the tools available on your Deck, here are are a couple of examples of Decks being used to their fullest: