Cosocial Individual

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Cosocial Individual

What does it do?

There are a number of reasons why business cards are out dated. Their massive environmental impact. The fact that ~88% of those handed out are simply thrown away. How quickly they can go out of date. And, in light of COVID-19, people are less willing to be handed things anymore.

In steps the Cosocial card. One card that links to your Deck (that’s what we call your profile) which holds all of the information that you want to share. You can update that information at anytime, so it never goes out of date. And your stainless steel Cosocial card is equipped with NCF, so it will send people you meet to your profile contaclessly.

Stainless Steel NFC Card 

Create card sized but made from durable and premium stainless steel coated in a matte black plastic. The Cosocial card is equipped with a large NFC chip, making one entire side of the card able to communicate with compatible devices.

Name & URL On Card

Every Cosocial card not only shares your information contactlessly, but is also printed with the name and your unique URL that you choose during the sign up process.

Personalised URL

Your Cosocial Deck exists on a web address, or URL, of your choosing. It can be made up and anything you like. Just make sure it’s easy to remember and represents you and what you do!

Live Deck Editor

Your Cosocial Deck is where people go when you share your information. It contacts anything and everything that you want it to. Got a new phone number? No problem, just login and update your profile. Add, remove and edit the content on your deck unlimited times and experience the incredible up-to-date  flexibility of a Cosocial Deck.

Add Links To Your Profile

Link to everywhere online that you want people to know about. From your Amazon products to your company’s website. Add as many links as you like.

“Add To Contacts” Button

Decided you want to share your information in a way that can be stored in a person’s device’s contacts? Just activate the “Add to Contacts” button on your Deck and all of your information can be saved to someone’s device in two taps.

Add Unlimited Information

There’s no limit to what you can share on your Cosocial Deck. Unlimited links. No character limits on bios or company descriptions. As many videos as you would like. And much much more.

Social Media Icon Links

Share everywhere you are on social media in one easy to identify place. At the top of your profile lives a space for links that everyone recognises. Build your following on all platforms.