What is a Cosocial Card?

The Cosocial card is a stainless steel matte black card equipped with a large NFC chip on it’s reverse. Tap the card on any NFC enabled device (basically all smart phones since 2008) to share your Cosocial Deck.

Custom printed for you to show your name and your Cosocial URL.

eg. cosocial.io/yourname

The Future of Business Cards

  • No more ordering new cards every time you get a new phone number or job title. What you share with Cosocial can be updated at anytime. In an instant.
  • Now, more than ever, people are uncomfortable being handing something. With Cosocial you can share you information contactlessly with a wave of the card
  • Printing business cards has a huge environmental impact. Switch to Cosocial and stop wasting paper on business cards ♻️

Features of the Cosocial Card

The Cosocial card is made from stainless steel for a quality feel and enduring reliability. Being the same dimensions, and only slightly thicker, it fits in your wallet or purse alongside all of your other cards perfectly.

Measuring 85mm x 54mm

Inside the card is a very large NFC chip. Specifically, it features an NTAG213 which covers the entire one side of the card. So, when you’re using your card, be sure to share using the reverse of the card for best results every time.

We custom print your Cosocial card to feature:
The name that you choose
This could be your name, your screen name, your aka, your company or anything you like!
Your URL
During the sign up process on Cosocial you create a URL. This is where your Deck is located online. Your URL, like your card name, is completely bespoke to you. Choose it wisely, because once you’ve picked – it cannot be changed.

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