Business Card

Today we all need an edge to stand out to potential clients. The Cosocial business card will allow you to utilize NFC in a whole new way, just tap your card onto someone’s phone, a link to your profile will appear with all the information about you, a new way to advertise who you are.

Your Cosocial Card will allow you to share and connect with people like never before, being able to put your details into someones phone with ease.

Business cards are becoming outdates, they don’t have the same impact on the customer and don’t guarantee you business, make sure that you are not only remembered, but contacted when needed. 

The add to contact button allows your potential client to store your information without losing it or throwing it away, 8 Billion business cards get thrown away in the first week, the Cosocial Card allows you to bypass this issue and make sure that the customer knows how to reach you with no problems. 

We know that you business is important to you, and showing off what you can do is a very hard thing to summarise on business card, use your Deck to show what you can do there and then to a customer, they will be able to see your business social media and pictures, giving them a look into what you can do for them. It has never been easier to advertise to a customer face to face.

The NFC chip in your card opens up a whole new world to how customers see you, they can put you right in their contacts, view your previous work and see what you need them to see, this makes their decision so much easier, reducing any barrier to them saying yes.

We live in a world now where handing things to each other wont wash, pandemics and diseases are being taken more seriously. Your Cosocial Card allows you to have a contactless interaction with customers. This keeps everyone safe and focused on the business at hand.

Order your Cosocial Card today to advertise yourself like never before. The combination of your Cosocial Card and Deck opens up a whole new way to showcase what you can offer. 

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