Appointment Bookings

Sometimes phone calls and emails just don’t cut it and you need to meet in person. In an ever busy world, getting two busy people in the same room is hard. Your Cosocial Deck allows you to give someone all the information that you need to contact you or your team and get a date booked.

This allows for no miscommunication and wrong information from either parties allowing you to book a date with ease and efficiency.

Use the Contact form feature to allow people to contact an email of your choice, your management team, your personal assistant, or even your own email. Add an avenue for people tomcat you in a professional manor and book appointments, organising your time and avoiding scheduling complications.

Sharing your deck with the right people can allow them to pencil you in to their calendar, right there and then, no more ‘getting around to it’ get them to contact you in that moment, allowing for a more successful meeting and future opportunities for all parties.

Efficiency and organisation is the key to success, use your cosocial deck and the contact form to book meetings with ease, allowing you to focus on the conversation and avoid messing around with dates and timings.

Your Cosocial Card and Deck is the key to streamlining the communication and sales process. At some point of every meeting, scheduled or drop in, there is always the transfer of information and contact details. Your Cosocial Card unlocks your Deck on someone’s phone with ease, this allows that person to see who you and your company are. They can Also use any of the information you wish to share to book in appointments to talk again soon, keeping the current conversation on building a relationship.

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